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co-financed from the European Union funds

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Lower Silesian Regional Operational Program for 2014-2020 - grant agreement no.: RPDS.01.02.01-02- 0007/15-00

The Warsaw Project

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the regional operational program of the Masovian Voivodeship 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund / European Social Fund.

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Lower Silesian project
The Warsaw Project

As a mainstream company focused on new innovative technologies and solutions MILENIUM.IT takes care of the research potential and develops it adapting to market changes through available tools and technical capabilities.

Based on the staff of engineers and programmers, the company conducts R&D works focused on software development and production solutions, in which IT can support innovation and create added value.

We implement innovative solutions in order to:

  • Develop our own IT products in response to specific market demands
  • Implementing the orders of a group of enterprises using the potential of innovative tools,
  • Create computing centers for data storage and processing in the context of AI
  • Verify written solutions and algorithms through the results of neural networks

Research carried out by the research department covers the following areas:

  • Process innovations, including B2B communication, communication with systems (WEBEDI, EDI, SAP),
  • Building awareness of access to environmental solutions by creating a platform for estimation in construction
  • Research into the area of digital data exchange in the field of BIM technology development
  • Researching the area of intelligent project management, aiming at functional changes of Facility Management processes,
  • Methods of increasing efficiency through digital tools supporting productivity, health monitoring and streamlining logistics

We work with industry leaders and renowned research centers such as the Cracow University of Technology.

Contact us

HQ Rabka-Zdrój

ul. Sądecka 33D/35

34-700 Rabka-Zdrój

tel: +48 18 540 5800

Lower Silesian Branch

ul. Ślężna 118 lok. 106

53-111 Wrocław

tel: +48 12 444 1445

tel: +48 794-305-308

Branch in Mazowsze

ul. Baonu Zośka 8

05-092 Łomianki

tel: +48 22 535 3544

The title of the project:

Development of research and development of MARIUSZ LEMISZKA MILENIUM-IT by establishing a R&D Center

Project description:

The aim of the project is to develop by MARIUSZ LEMISZKA MILENIUM-IT R&D activities as a result of the creation of the Research and Development Center (RDC), which is an organization-separated department of the company. RDC will specialize in carrying out R&D works in the field of innovative system solutions for the services sector, including the construction, IT and tele-energy sectors.

Based on the know-how developed by our own staff, in cooperation with national research centers and business partners, CBR will conduct research on new concepts of designing and using IT technologies. Due to the previous experience and identified market demand, the strategic direction of MILENIUM-IT development will be strengthening the company's potential by launching intelligent, comprehensive, highly advanced ICT systems on the market with unprecedented functionality. Their innovativeness will be determined by the proprietary, innovative models and technological concepts developed by the company, as well as new, attractive business solutions, allowing for significant modification and automation of organizational processes, increase of productivity, efficiency and profitability of work.

Creating a CBR is an opportunity for the Applicant to implement development plans. Implementation of the project will accelerate the achievement of this goal (thanks to the support of EU funds, modern, high-performance devices, such as a computing server, computers, RFID gates, will be purchased necessary to carry out R & D works) and will open the company's perspective to conduct new, more advanced R&D works and, consequently, strengthening the market position. As a result of the project, MARIUSZ LEMISZKA MILENIUM-IT will launch an innovative system for measuring work efficiency.

Project start date: 01/04/2016
Project end date: 31/12/2017
The total value of the project: 1 306 879,21 PLN
The value of eligible costs: 1 198 177,96 PLN
The total value of co-financing the project from the EU funds for the years 2014-2020 amounted to: 923 508,76 PLN.

The title of the project:

Conducting research and creating an intelligent advisory and analytical environment consolidating the exchange of industry experiences and supporting the management of the construction of energy-saving and ecological investments based on innovative algorithms

Project description:

As part of the requested project, MILENIUM-IT intends to carry out R&D works in the Mazowieckie voivodship. Because our company is actively looking for innovative solutions dedicated to of the construction industry, the subject of research is the area of ​​increasing resource productivity and efficiency of factors determining the process of building energy-saving construction investments consolidated through an intelligent executive algorithm. This project assumes the implementation of research tasks in the field of computer science and related fields. As a result, the state of knowledge will be broadened and the element of uncertainty in relation to algorithmics, database theory and graphic user interface issues will be eliminated. The results of the work planned under this project will be used to build a highly innovative tool targeted at such recipients as: investor, architect, construction manager, specialist, construction companies. The search for an intelligent executive algorithm that would allow the creation of a tool is a response to the need of our company in the scope of introducing innovative solutions on a global scale. The project includes six phases of industrial research, which will be implemented in 2017-2018 by a team consisting of 14 highly qualified R&D employees. Under the project, the Applicant will purchase fixed assets necessary for its implementation. The main intentions of the project, including: creating a system based on a distributed network for assimilation and converting data from the bidder's systems, building an analytical tool enabling the bidder after the procedure to position his bid in the areas of price, payment deadline, offer quality, ecology, energy efficiency based on semantic networks , creating an algorithm analyzing the criteria for the selection of technological infrastructure, human resources and financial resources based on the environmental impact, the condition for making the optimal decision about the shape of the investment.

Project start date 01.01.2017 r.
Project end date 30.09.2018 r.
Total value of the project: 3 563 250,00 PLN
Value of eligible costs: 3 397 000,00 PLN
The total value of co-financing the project from the EU funds for the years 2014-2020 amounted to: 2 554 204,30. PLN