A modern teletechnical installation means convenience, reliability and savings

Security systems

Do you know that one of the largest suppliers of monitoring equipment - HikVision employs over 4,000 people responsible for research, development and new technologies?


Do you know that an LED bulb consuming 3.5W shines just as much as a 50W classic bulb, which gives 80% electricity savings?

Network communication

Do you know that the current direction of development will be the integration of software and solutions that allow uniform control of various types of networks?

An intelligent building

Do you know that Poles spend over PLN 100 million a year on smart homes? This market is growing at a rate of 20-30% per annum.

Security systems
Network communication
An intelligent building


Thanks to our many years of experience, professional staff and timely delivery, we have achieved a high level of quality of our services which has been appreciated by our long-term partners:

  • KGHM Polska Miedź
  • Impel S.A.
  • Blachprofil 2
  • Tauron S.A.

    We provide services in the field of design, construction and maintenance:

  • LAN networks, industrial networks, wireless (WiFi), RTV and public address systems
  • FAS Fire Alarm Systems - for fire detection in the early fire phase
  • IAASS Intrusion and Assault Signaling System - solutions to increase the level of protection
  • CCTV protection of persons and property by monitoring
  • AC access control enabling supervision over access to selected rooms
  • Electricity of low and medium voltage switchgear
  • BMS in the field of integration, control and optimization of installations and technical devices
  • LED systems for solutions in the field of energy efficiency improvement
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10 000

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Grzegorz Struk

Chief executive officer

Security systems

  • Fire alarm systems (Polon-Alfa, Inim, Esser)
  • Alarm systems (Satel, Risco, Galaxy)
  • Ventilation systems (D + H, Mercor, JFG)
  • Access control and time recording (Roger, Nedap, Salto, Unicard, Corral)
  • CCTV industrial television (Sony, Samsung, HikVision, Aper)
  • Telephone exchanges, VoIP telecommunications servers (Slican, Alcatel, Panasonic))


  • Installation and delivery of lighting systems from leading industrial suppliers (Lug, Plexiform, Philips)
  • Comprehensive installations and low voltage projects in industrial facilities, power stations and public buildings
  • Lightning protection systems and earth electrodes for electric power stations, industrial facilities
  • Construction of a medium voltage line with foundation foundation
  • Construction of transformer stations and cable connectors

Network communication

  • Copper cable systems (Leoni, AMP-TE Connectivity, Fibrain)
  • Optical fiber systems (Molex, Alantec, R & M)
  • Dedicated power supply (Fideltronik, APC, CES)
  • Radio bridges (Ubiquiti)
  • Server rooms equipped with a technical floor (TOPFLOOR)

An intelligent building

We design and select systems to manage in a convenient and automated way:

  • Alarm system and monitoring - having home security under control, wherever you are
  • Lighting - creating unique lighting scenes, adapting to your rhythm of the day
  • Shafts, blinds, curtain rails - so that they open when you wake up and in the evening they have covered the windows themselves
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning - enjoying thermal comfort and savings
  • Audio-visual equipment - create a multimedia center that will allow you to enjoy the maximum of entertainment.