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Energy objects

Our staff cooperated with all GIS suppliers - Siemens, Abb, Alstom and Elektrobudowa S.A.

Prefabrication in power engineering

Do you know that by betting on a prefabricate, you save 2 months in the project - we focus on prefabs from Atlas from Raszków.

Energy infrastructure

We undertake comprehensive investments in the field of energy construction, only in one project we have installed 26 ecological positions for power transformers.

Coordination of investments

You can carry out the estimation of investment costs and the implementation of the project in our proprietary software.

Energy objects
Prefabrication in power engineering
Energy infrastructure
Coordination of investments


Our staff works in the field of construction support for energy projects. Our portfolio consists of advanced electricity investments, including construction of buildings equipped with switchgears in a gas shield provided by Siemens, Abb and Elektrobudowa S.A.

The recipients of our facilities are such giants as KGHM Polska Miedź, TAURON S.A. and Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. We also carry out smaller energy investments, such as: Construction of main power points in traditional or prefabricated technology with full land development (works at the Polkowice mine, Bogatynia, Pasikurowice energy station).

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Robert Możdżeń

Project manager

Energy objects

  • We make specialized buildings in traditional technology for switchgears in a gas shield
  • We design and build buildings for the main supply points
  • We modernize and insulate existing buildings on active buildings
  • We renovate and renew existing switchgear buildings by design or own concept
  • We design and make stands for power transformers

Power transformer stations

  • Intermediation in the supply of preparation and assembly of a transformer station with internal and external service
  • Construction of a power transformer station in precast technology with ecological deoiling
  • Delivery of underground transformer stations in prefabricated technology
  • Execution of cable basements, foundations as prefabricated elements
  • Delivery and assembly of transformer station buildings


  • Construction of rainwater drainage network, drainage, water and sewage, de-oiling transformer stations (ECOL-UNICOL)
  • Comprehensive finishing of the construction of power stations, development of green areas, construction of internal roads, fencing system
  • SF6 gas detection installations, electrical installations in GIS type stations (for Siemens in Bogatynia / Turów)
  • Drilling with large diameters according to the investor's requirements (specialist HILTI equipment)
  • Pouring the well foundations under the HV poles

Design and costing

  • Execution of projects with technical consultancy at every stage of the investment
  • Coordination of investments using the experience of large projects (R3 Pasikurowice, R-312 Turów)
  • Selection of technologies with a cost estimate from nature and investor (Zuzia program)
  • We have the energy permissions of SEP Supervision and Operation without restrictions, with the possibility of independent work on energy facilities without supervision
  • Documentation according to energy standards