mIssue – electronic notification service

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This is an electronic system for managing requests and technical problems. It allows you to collect all data in one place, which is available from any device connected to the Internet. The system supports the management of order performers, and the notification flow itself is fully configurable.

Manage artists

  • Add job contractors
  • Browse the tasks assigned to them
  • Prepare statistics and order reports

  • Accept applications

  • Create new requests in the system
  • Add a description and attachments, always available with the order
  • Redirect to appropriate cells

  • Manage tickets

  • Browse tickets by category, artist, type
  • Search for tickets at a given stage of implementation
  • See tickets for a given time period

  • Decide on the progress of the notification

  • Make decisions based on estimated costs
  • Accept or reject the execution of orders
  • Communicate if the problem is unclear

  • View implementation statistics

  • Check the execution of orders on a regular basis
  • Note problems with unsolved tasks
  • Determine the efficiency of orders processed

  • Create report reports

  • Generate periodic progress reports for tasks
  • Compare projected costs to final costs
  • Make an appointment report

  • Dynamic ticket flow

  • Customize the ticket flow to suit your needs
  • Set access to specific parts of the system
  • Control the flow of orders

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